Welcome to Impulse Analytics! We are a conversion-driven advertising agency: we are social media geeks who help online businesses to grow their sales through data-fueled Facebook ads.

Recent developments in social advertising technology and the explosion of consumer data available are providing a unique opportunity to marketers and business owners to increase their revenue. This exponential flow of data can be overwhelming though, and many are left wondering how to transform this information into revenue.

Impulse Analytics is an integrated advertising boutique that relies on analytics and paid social advertising to develop sales for stores such as Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce or any other online businesses. We're a one-stop shop for analytics, ads creation, and campaign optimization. 

We build custom infrastructures for our clients to help them evaluate their advertising performance, and we transform the raw data they collect into actionable marketing insights. We identify the most valuable consumer segments, and leverage this data through targeted Facebook ads.

Because of this infrastructure and our focus on CPA (Cost per Action), we deliver a better ROI than other types of performance marketing campaigns.

Already, more than 1.5M businesses advertise on Facebook, and the market is growing rapidly. By focusing solely on Facebook, we are able to deliver cutting-edge expertise on this platform, and help our clients quickly optimize their strategy, tactics and revenue. Get in touch with us!