Huge news for Impulse Analytics 🎉🎆!!

We just got our Facebook Marketing Partner accreditation as Preferred Agency.

So as I am sure you guys are dying to know what is it about right now : Facebook Marketing Partner is a program so far opened only to technical solution (think Adespresso or Smartly), and now open to reward a selection of agency

Only 10% of agency in the program make it to Preferred Agency, so we are super proud and happy.

We cannot be more excited 😆🚀 It rewards years of fruitful collaborations between our team, Facebook, and our pretty awesome clients (, CARIZY, émoi émoi, Dreem, Yelp, Remind, FoodChéri, Lunchr, Brigad ⚡️,...).

Now get on-board, and ask for your free audit and recommendations.