Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns : The ultimate guide

Available since August 2022, Advantage + Shopping Campaigns are advertising products that use technology to automate campaign creation.

As a paid media agency, we’ll explain what Advantage + Shopping Campaigns are. In this article, we’ll also look at the advantages they offer, and resources to help you accelerate your business.

What are Advantage + Shopping Campaigns?

Known as ASC, for advantage shopping campaign, this is a new type of Meta campaign that uses machine learning. The advantage campaign helps you reach the best audiences with less set-up time and greater efficiency.

Advantage products allow you to automate just one specific aspect of your manual campaign to improve its performance.

These products allow you to automate one or all of the 5 creative steps (audience, budget/bids, destination, placements and ad content).

Advantage + Shopping campaigns are part of the response to the changes facing marketers in a cookieless world.

These campaigns were originally designed for e-commerce or direct-to-consumer sellers. They offer a full-funnel vision, and are designed to deliver the best possible performance. ASC campaigns have a single objective, a sales objective. They also generate leads!

Good to know:

  • 60% of online shoppers want a unique & personalized shopping experience based on their interests & preferences.
  • 52% of consumers want to find brands and products they’ve never heard of before, but which align with their shopping preferences.

What are the advantages of Advantage + Shopping Campaigns?

Meta Advantage + Shopping campaigns are making a big splash with advertisers. Thanks to their innovative nature, they have many tricks up their sleeves to improve the performance of advertising accounts. These campaigns make advertisers’ work easier. They eliminate the need for manual ad creation and test up to 150 creative combinations. This makes it easier to identify the campaigns with the best conversion rates.

Among these advantages, there are several worth noting:

Better performance

On average, this means a 12% reduction in CPA compared with the account itself. ROAS is 15% higher.

Easy to set up Advantage + Shopping Campaigns

One of the main advantages of ASCs is that they are automated, leaving you more time to concentrate on other aspects, such as testing new creative…

Retargeting management

With ASC campaigns, you have total control over your sales funnel. In fact, you can select the proportion of retargeting that corresponds to the entire campaign.

Control over assets broadcast on Advantage +

There’s control over the assets used. Assets are managed in the same way as with a conventional audience.

Accessibility of machine learning & automation

With its Advantage product range, Meta makes automation and machine learning available to all types of business.

However, there are a few things you should know before you start creating advantage campaigns. Targeting control options are limited. Meta AI learns from the personalized audiences you provide. It’s also not possible to differentiate UTMs according to audiences and ads. Also note that there is only one list of existing customers from which all ASCs are optimized. This may take a little longer. Meta has 100% control over ad placement. This also applies to the geographic location of ads, where segmentation is reduced only to the country level.

With our article, you now have the precise definition of Advantage + Shopping Campaigns and their main advantages! Don’t hesitate to go further to boost your performance on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Check out the other articles on our blog. And if you need a helping hand to optimize your cost per click, turn to a Facebook Ads agency.

Vincent Chevalier Levy
After managing the largest marketing analytics & growth teams from the Silicon Valley (Electronic Arts & Udemy), Vincent decided to create Impulse Analytics in order to accelerate the growth of the accounts he manages. Vincent's focus on media, content & data helped him generate more than +50 million euros of revenue, +70 clients supported, 25 countries and counting ..

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