How to add Google Ads Scripts?

Precision is crucial to success, in my opinion as an expert in digital strategy. This precision is represented by scripts in the world of Google Ads. Let’s see how Impulse Analytics converts these lines of code into meaningful strategic levers.

What is a Google Ads script?

Imagine guardian angels keeping an eye on your Google Ads campaigns, sending you real-time alerts or detailed, personalized reports. Scripts perform exactly this function. When properly configured, these snippets of JavaScript code can alert you to anomalies or provide useful information, making control of your ads more strategic and proactive.

Using the alert script at Impulse Analytics

Account Anomaly Detector

At Impulse Analytics, we don’t want any surprises in our campaigns. And neither do you! This script acts like a guardian angel. If a campaign suddenly deviates from the norm, an alert is sent to you. How does it work? By comparing current performance with historical account data. Simple, but super effective.

Link Checker – Single Account

Nothing is more unpleasant for a user than clicking on an ad and getting the error message “page not found”. This script examines your ads, sitelinks and keywords and checks the functionality of each URL. It will notify you by email if there are any broken links.

Custom reporting Google Ads script for PMAX campaigns

PMAX Placement Analysis Script: The key to deciphering the “black box” of PMAX campaigns

PMAX campaigns, while promising, have often been described by experts as “black boxes”.


Because they offer little control over how ads are presented, and little visibility into important elements such as impression rate (IR).

With the PMAX Placement Analysis script, Impulse Analytics has discovered a way to shed light on this shadow. By examining the distribution of data across all acquisition channels in the PMAX ecosystem, including Shopping, Search, Video, Display, and others, this script provides us with a detailed understanding of the performance of each PMAX campaign.

A concrete example?

If we discover that a PMAX campaign is heavily weighted towards Shopping, but neglects channels like video and display, we’re faced with a strategic decision.

Is it wiser to continue with the PMAX campaign, or to compare a classic shopping campaign with a search campaign to see which angle produces the best results?

Thanks to this script, we now have the information we need to make an informed decision.

Script PMAX Search Terms: Control distribution and refine strategy

Search terms are part of every PMAX campaign. The best tool for clarifying these terms is the PMAX Search Terms script. At Impulse Analytics, we believe it is of incalculable value.

One of the questions we frequently face is whether our PMAX ads appear on branded searches. The strategic stakes are high. If the objective is to maximize ROAS, it may be advantageous to display ads on branded search terms. On the other hand, if the objective is to attract new customers, it may be wise to exclude the brand from the campaign.

This Google Ads script allows us to define our positioning with certainty and ensure that we’re following the best possible strategy.

These scripts are not simple additions to our Google Ads campaigns. They are fundamental to the advertising strategy of a Google Ads agency like Impulse Analytics, enabling us to constantly adjust, test and optimize our efforts. In conclusion, these Google Ads scripts are crucial because they enable us to align ourselves with our clients’ objectives and offer strategic recommendations based on data that the platform itself would not have allowed us to collect.

Quick tutorial for integrating a script into Google Ads

For the uninitiated, adding a script may seem complex.

But in reality, it’s child’s play.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Go to the “Tools & Settings” tab.

Go to the “Scripts” tab.

Integrate Google Ads Scripts

Click on “+ New script”.

Create new Google Ads Scripts

Paste your script code.

Give it a name, save and run.

Name new Google Ads Scripts

In conclusion, Google Ads scripts aren’t just accessories. They’re powerful tools, and with the right strategy, they can radically improve your campaigns and your overall performance. At Impulse Analytics, we’re passionate about these scripts. And if you want to get the most out of your ads, I suggest you do too. Do you have any other interesting scripts you’d like to use? Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail with your thoughts or new scripts.

Roy Amatoury

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