IDFA + iOS 14



  • A random identifier assigned by Apple to a user’s device and used to track and identify the user (without revealing personal information).

ATT (Apple Tracking Transparency):

  • A new Apple tracking policy, which will be implemented with iOS 14.3.

→ the ATT implies that applications (including Facebook, Instagram etc.) will have to ask the user’s permission to access tracking data related to the application. 

  • It is not known when ATT will be deployed, but it is expected within the next month


  • Another way to receive the attribution of advertising campaigns on iOS, built by Apple
  • AKA An ad network API that helps advertisers measure the success of ad campaigns while maintaining user privacy.
  • Ad networks must register with Apple and developers must ensure that their applications are compatible with registered networks and the new framework.
  • Last click assignment for direct referencing mode: User clicks on an ad → website → purchase

What will change :

All applications on iOS will have to ask the user’s permission to track their activity (a bit like cookie pop-ups in Europe).

  • We don’t know what percentage of users will consent or not → the most pessimistic predictions are at 20%, the most optimistic are at 80%, so we are basing our estimates at 50%.

If someone says “NO” to being tracked on the advertising platform

  • It will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to attribute conversions to our campaigns. 
  • They cannot be included in retargeting audiences unless another type of consent is given (Signup to CRM for example). 

Delayed conversion reporting

    • Sending this data can take up to three days from Apple.
  • Re-targeting audiences will not be fully updated in real time

Limited reporting

  • If a person refuses to be tracked, we will no longer be able to use their profile in our retargeting audiences. However, you will still be able to see their activity (purchase, visit, etc.) via your site.

Retargeting and personalized audiences 

  • As the number of people who choose not to be tracked on iOS14 devices increases, attributable conversions will decrease, and the size of audiences from your website activities will decrease. 
  • A smaller, highly qualified audience means less effective advertising (even if you are reaching your most relevant group of people).
  • Change of attribution window → 28 to 7 days maximum (already in place)

What to do:

Facebook Ads

  • Verify your domain. The person performing this task must be the administrator of your Business Manager (not just the ad account) on Facebook.
  • Choose 6 events to track, in order of importance (eg #1 Purchase, #6 Landing Page View). Feel free to schedule a call with your Growth Consultant at Impulse Analytics to set this up.
  • Update your CRM files on Facebook more often, weekly or monthly, depending on the loss of audience
  • Analyze the percentage of your impressions, conversions and revenue that come from Apple devices to estimate the impact of the changes (your Impulse team is already working on this)
  • Re-evaluate your ROAS, CPA, and Conversion Volume objectives based on this possible impact.
    • e.g. if 30% of your purchases and 40% of your revenue come from iOS, with a possible loss of 50% of this data, total conversions will drop by 15% and total revenue will drop by 20%.
    • So you need to adjust your target CPA 15% up and your ROAS 20% down. 

NB: The conversions themselves are not going to stop, we’re just not going to be able to attribute them to a specific user, and therefore to an ad impression. You’re not going to lose revenue generated by the ads, we just won’t be able to track and attribute as much of that revenue any more. 

Overall, you will see an increase in Referral / Direct conversions in Google Analytics.

Google Ads

  • Google is much less dependent on IDFA, because most of their ads are displayed on a mobile web browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome), and not an application.
  • In addition, many targeting efforts are based on searches and keywords, and less on a retargeting or affinity audience. 
  • It is not yet known how Google will minimize the impact of iOS 14                  → to be monitored


  • It is not yet known how Pinterest will minimize the impact of iOS 14               → to be monitored

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