Vincent is the Founder/CEO. 

He has worked with major Silicon Valley companies, and he has scaled numerous accounts to 6-figures profitability. He focuses on marketplaces, e-commerce, B2B, education, and wellness sectors. 

When Vincent's not working on Impulse Analytics... you can find him meditating about Impulse Analytics. 



Elizabeth is a Senior Acquisition Consultant. 

In addition to being a user acquisition rockstar, Elizabteh loves testing new influencer marketing tactics. She focuses on e-commerce, B2B and Beauty/Luxury.

Her obsession with social media might be worrisome to those offline, but she's right at home with us.



Thierry is a Senior Acquisition Consultant. 

Thierry pushes each account to its maximum potential. He loves A/B testing the smallest details, and he has strong experience with marketplaces, SMB, and the wellness sector.

People have called him a mastermind. Ruthless. An overall quality person. We call him the brains.



Edward is an Acquisition Consultant. 

Edward has worked as a marketer for a variety companies, from fast-growing startups, like Fieldwire, to larger enterprises like POPSUGAR. Today, he focuses on B2B and E-Commerce marketing.

Did we mention that Edward's also an engineer? He's also an engineer! It's not every day that you can find that amazing combination, but we did.



Clément is an Acquisition Consultant.

Clément focuses on AdWords, not just because he likes AdWords, but because he's exceptional with AdWords. He worked for Google. His skills are wizardlike. Wizardlike skills bring wondrous results. Everyone likes wondrous results.

When he's not kicking around AdWords ads, you can find him kicking around a football. 



Stephen is an Acquisition Consultant. 

Stephen is known for strategy. He is able to expertly craft user acquisition campaigns that make others look foolish. He analyzes, optimizes and generates results like a machine.

Stephen also plays guitar, but like we said, he's better known for strategy. 



Stephanie is a Digital Copywriter. 

Stephanie creates ad copy that whispers in users' ears and tells them to click. Her clever copy inspires action. From Facebook to AdWords, she gets it. 

Stephanie spends an inordinate amount of time online, learning, growing, and laughing at funny videos. Emphasis on the latter.