Impulse Analytics did an amazing job setting up and running our paid marketing campaign for the Mindfulness Summit. We ended up with a 1/4 million signups in a 2 month timeframe

Matt Dickinson - Co-founder The Mindfulness Summit




The Mindfulness Summit is one of the largest online platforms about meditation. It provides access to insights from 31 of the world’s leading meditation experts (such as Kabat-Zinn and Jack Kornfield among others).


TMS was looking to gain maximum traction (awareness,sign-in, purchase) for its launch, as well as set up a rigorous analytics infrastructure to make sure ads spend were profitable.


TMS partnered with Impulse Analytics to boost healthy organic acquisition with paid media (signups and full event pass), targeting well-being communities and retargeting website visitors.


  • +250K signups from +200 different countries

  • +150 audiences A/B tested (Affinity, Lookalike,...)

  • Signup conversion rate >50%

  • Cost per signups < 30% initial target

  • ROI> 400% (2 months revenue)