Introduction to Dynamic Product Ads

Introduction to Dynamic Facebook Ads (Dynamics Products Ads)

In a world overrun by advertising, the important thing is not to increase the number of ads, but to produce more relevant and better targeted ads.
Facebook’s Dynamic Products Ads combine the audience power of Facebook with the power of automation to connect your products with the most relevant users.

What is Facebook Dynamic Advertising?

It is Facebook, of course, that best synthesizes what these dynamic ads are:
“Promoting your inventory to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the Internet”
You may have seen these kinds of ads in your Facebook news feed many times. From a background that includes a multitude of products, you will see, based on your recent visits, promoting a similar product. If you have recently looked for jewelry or beauty products you will see for example:

When to use dynamic advertising?

If you have more than 10 products in your catalog, and even more if they are varied, integrating the use of dynamic advertising into your marketing strategy is a feasible and relevant option.
You can also reach a wider audience: people who may be interested in your products, based on their recent visits and consultations. Facebook will automatically select from your catalog the most appropriate products for the target and which will generate the best results.

Tips for optimizing your dynamic ads

  • Keep an up-to-date and accurate product catalog. To do this, check the “Diagnostics” and “Product data sources” functions regularly.
  • Track statistics and adjust your budget accordingly. Focus on the products that perform and don’t waste your money on those that underperform.
  • Take care of the quality of your images. Mobile concentrates 93% of advertising revenue. Images must be in high resolution. At least 600 x 600 pixels for carousels and 12,000 x 630 for single images.
  • Personalize your ads. For example, you can integrate the current season (Christmas, back to school, Black Friday, etc.) and / or create models that include your logo and your brand colors.
  • Consider the multilingual option. This feature allows you to define audiences in several different countries.
  • If possible, use the animations. Dynamic formats show your products from different angles. It improves the user experience.

Again, if you have a large product catalog, dynamic advertising is a huge asset in reaching your target, achieving your goals and maximizing your results.

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