How to scale Facebook Ads campaigns ? 3 techniques for 2024

Welcome to this article where we’ll share with you the 3 most effective techniques how to scale Facebook Ads campaigns in 2024. If you want to improve your advertising performance and maximize your impact on social networks, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be providing you with detailed, practical advice to help you outperform your competitors and achieve outstanding results.

As a paid media agency, we tend to spend more time scaling paid campaigns than creating them. It’s a skill we need to excel at, in order to achieve optimal results for our clients! There are many “best practices” circulating on how to effectively scale campaigns, so it’s easy to get lost. For example, many consultants will talk about a rule that involves increasing the budget in small increments of 20 or less. But this approach takes time, and in our experience is not effective for small budgets. It can also put your ads back in the learning phase.

So how to scale Facebook Ads campaigns? Here are Impulse Analytics‘ 3 techniques for scaling your campaigns and optimizing your customers’ results!

But above all, it’s important that your campaign delivers good results before thinking about scaling investments. You may have worked out with your customer the cost-per-result you don’t want to exceed. Whatever the objective, it’s important to work with your client to find a benchmark that will serve as a solid basis for scaling your paid social campaigns.

1 – Increase the budget significantly once a week

One of the keys to success in paid social campaigns is to allocate your advertising budget intelligently. Of course, this doesn’t mean spending indiscriminately. On the contrary, it’s a strategic approach that involves increasing the budget significantly once a week. It will depend on the performance of your campaigns.

Budget example

As in the example illustrated in the excel table below, our approach works in stages. We therefore advise you not to increase your budget by just 20%, but rather according to your budgets. If your ad group is currently investing €50, don’t hesitate to increase it to €100, for example. It’s essential to carefully monitor key metrics such as return on investment (ROI), cost per click (CPC) and conversion to assess the performance of each campaign.

Potential adjustments to make

If you see that a particular campaign is showing promising results, then it makes sense to increase its budget to get even more out of it. Then, give the algorithm time to optimize sufficiently before making a decision. If the cost per result exceeds the threshold of your objective, this indicates that the campaign may not be profitable at this budget level. In that case, the adjustments need to be made (less investment, changing visuals, testing new ad copy, etc.).

Step-by-step campaign scaling
Step-by-step campaign scaling

2 – Automated scaling rule

To simplify the scaling process of your paid social campaigns, the use of automated rules can be extremely beneficial. Automated rules are settings you can configure in advertising platforms to automatically adjust your bids, budgets and targeting based on the performance of your campaigns.

To illustrate how this scaling technique works, let’s take the example of a Meta advertising account. Simply use the “Automated rules” function and enter :

  • Desired scaling percentage according to your investments
  • Maximum daily budget limit
  • Frequency of action
  • Different conditions that determine scaling
Automated rule how to scale facebook ads
Automated scaling rule

With this scaling method, you can easily increase your budget, provided your campaigns are performing well. This allows you to improve your scaling potential, while limiting the risks if your campaigns don’t perform well. What’s more, you don’t need to log into your advertising account frequently to make manual adjustments. So you can concentrate on other tasks.

If you wish, you can also set up a rule to reduce the budget if results deteriorate. This can be useful for improving ROI before increasing the budget again. You can follow the same steps to create a rule to reduce the budget based on certain criteria. It can be a cost per result exceeding a certain amount.

Using this approach, you can manage your budget dynamically, spending more when your campaigns perform well and spending less when results deteriorate.

3 – Diversify campaigns

When it comes to paid social, it’s essential not to put all your eggs in one basket. Campaign diversification is an essential Facebook Ads strategy for reaching a wider audience and avoiding dependence on a single advertising platform.

Don’t have an Advantage+ campaign yet? Are there audiences you haven’t yet explored? If you have good results and an extra budget to invest, then take a look at all these possibilities:

  • Capitalize on Meta’s machine learning with the Meta Advantage+ Shopping campaign, which brings together all the platform’s best practices and offers high-quality targeting. Thanks to all its features, this campaign is quick to create, and the results can impress you!
  • Test new formats: carousels, videos, catalogs, collections or static – the choice is yours!
  • Customize your creative elements: titles, descriptions and visuals, thanks to new trends such as UGC and reels. Create personas that correspond to the brands you manage, and let the creatives speak to them!

In addition to diversifying campaigns and content, don’t forget to explore different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other emerging channels. Each platform has its own audience and unique characteristics, and by diversifying your campaigns, you can reach a variety of users with different interests.


By implementing these three scaling techniques, you can give your paid social campaigns a serious boost in 2024. Don’t forget to regularly analyze your performance, adjust your strategies accordingly, and keep abreast of new trends and features on advertising platforms.

With a strategic approach, effective budget management and campaign diversification, you’ll be able to outperform your competitors and achieve outstanding results on social networks.

If you’ve read this article all the way through, you know the 3 techniques how to scale your Facebook Ads campaigns and their functioning is not a secret for you anymore! And if you want to go even further in mastering Facebook Ads, you can read our other articles available on our blog, which will give you plenty of tips on how to become the SEA expert! If you need a help for your Facebook Ads campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact a Facebook Ads agency.

Tiphaine Cognet
A graduate of ESCP with an MSc Marketing & Digital Media, Tiphaine uses her experience in sales and paid social for a portfolio of varied clients. Internationally, she takes care of e-commerce clients as well as B2B clients with expertise and attentive listening. On average, CPLs are down 32% and ROAS are constantly increasing from the first months of management on her accounts.

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