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TikTok Script Generator: the new AI tool

Discover TikTok Script Generator to revolutionize your video content. How it works, benefits, pitfalls to avoid... Boost your creativity now!

TikTok has launched the Script Generator in its quest to make life easier for content creators and brands alike. Powered by artificial intelligence, this free tool lies at the heart of TikTok’s ‘Creative Center’, designed to help advertisers create impactful advertising scripts.

The main aim of TikTok’s Script Generator is to stimulate advertisers’ creativity by providing them with ready-to-use scripts containing hooks, scenes and calls to action in just a few seconds.

How the TikTok Script Generator works

Using the script generator

To use the Script Generator, users need to start by entering key information about their brand or product. This includes the name of their product, a detailed description, and any relevant keywords they wish to highlight in their video. Users can also specify their industry to help the generator script contextualize their product or service.

Once all the required information has been supplied, the user must choose the length of the video to be created. Crucially, TikTok’s Script Generator is flexible in terms of video length. Users can opt for a script suitable for a 15- to 30-second video, ideal for hard-hitting content. If the message or concept requires more time to be fully developed, users can choose a longer format of 31 to 60 seconds. This feature ensures that the scripts generated perfectly match the user’s needs in terms of content duration.

tiktok script generator
TikTok Script Generator

Script generator output

Once these criteria have been defined, users can click on “Generate scripts”. The tool then goes to work, analyzing the information provided to create a selection of unique video scripts. These scripts are crafted to capture the audience’s attention, with a strong hook, depicting a scene that illustrates the essence of the brand’s message, and concluding with a clear call-to-action to encourage viewer engagement.

Tiktok Script generator generate scripts
Design de scripts

What’s more, the script generator offers visual and auditory cues to guide users through the creation of their video. These cues can include suggestions on the type of music to use, lighting, staging elements, and more. In other words, TikTok’s Script Generator provides not only the text of the script, but also valuable guidelines to aid video production.

Résultats du tiktok script generator
Résultats du script generator

Benefits of using Script Generator

Save time and effort

One of the main advantages of TikTok’s Script Generator is that it saves significant time and effort. Rather than spending hours brainstorming and writing scripts, brands can use this tool to get pre-written scripts in a matter of seconds. This can be particularly useful for small companies that don’t have a dedicated creative team.

Stimulating creativity

By providing a basic structure for scripts, the Script Generator can help stimulate creativity. Users can draw inspiration from the generated scripts to develop their own ideas and create unique content.

Content customization

The tool enables content to be customized according to the specifics of the brand’s product or service. By entering information such as product name, description and relevant keywords, users can obtain scripts that highlight their unique offerings.

Duration flexibility

The Script Generator offers the option of choosing the length of the video, enabling brands to create scripts that exactly match their needs in terms of content duration.

Potential enhancement of engagement

Scripts are generated based on performance data from videos on TikTok. This means that scripts are designed to capture the attention of the TikTok audience and increase engagement. Coupled with TikTok smart performance campaigns, it’s possible to observe very good performance with Tiktok’s AI tools.

Free tool

Another significant advantage of the TikTok Script Generator is that it’s totally free. This means that brands of all sizes can benefit from this tool at no extra cost.

Disadvantages & pitfalls to avoid with script generator

Risks of generic content

One of the main drawbacks of using AI for content creation is the risk of producing generic content. AI-based tools, such as TikTok’s Script Generator, tend to create content based on existing trends. So, if all advertisers start using this tool, there’s a risk that all content produced will start to look the same, which could diminish its effectiveness and originality.

Lack of creative control

TikTok’s Script Generator, while handy, can limit advertisers’ creative control over their content. By following scripts generated by the tool, advertisers can find themselves producing content that doesn’t fully reflect their vision or unique style. As a social ads media agency, we recommend using this tool with a pre-existing brief to better guide your performance.

Possibility of inaccurate information

Like any AI-powered tool, TikTok’s Script Generator can generate errors. These errors can range from small details to significantly inaccurate information that could affect the quality and accuracy of the brand’s message.

TikTok warnings

TikTok has issued warnings regarding the use of the Script Generator. The platform emphasizes that it does not guarantee the accuracy of the content generated by the tool, and that it is neither sponsored nor endorsed by TikTok. It also points out that AI-generated content may not comply with applicable laws and regulations.

“TikTok does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the content generated by Script Generator. It is solely your decision whether to utilize and/or publish content created using the Script Generator in any ad or other material. You are solely responsible for any content created using Script Generator, including ensuring that such content is accurate and complies with applicable laws and regulations, and this content is not endorsed, sponsored, or approved by TikTok.”


User responsibility

Due to the limitations and potential risks associated with the use of the Script Generator, the ultimate responsibility for the content generated rests with the users. Users are encouraged to check and edit content generated by the tool to ensure that it is accurate, complies with laws and regulations, and matches their message and brand. It’s crucial for advertisers to use the Script Generator as a creative support tool, not as a complete and definitive solution. To guide you through the use of such tools, you can call on a TikTok ads agency. This is an opportunity to see how AI tools can be integrated into your campaigns, thanks to a free audit.

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