Facebook Ads AI tool: The new features

Meta is adding tons of new AI-based tools to help Facebook advertisers get better results. Today, we’re talking about what’s lurking in the Meta Sandbox and what should be coming soon to your next Facebook Ads campaign settings.

Text variation

One of the revolutionary new AI features introduced by Meta for Facebook Ads advertisers is text variation. This feature allows advertisers to create text variations for their ads easily and in no time, so they can test more effectively.

With text variation, advertisers can test different combinations of words, phrases and wording to determine which generate the best results. This allows ads to be optimized according to user reactions, which can lead to a significant increase in click-through rate (CTR) and conversions.

Background generation

Another powerful AI feature introduced by Meta for Facebook Ads advertisers is background generation. This tool creates background images from captured text, allowing advertisers to quickly try out different backgrounds and diversify their creative resources.

With background generation, advertisers can experiment with a multitude of backgrounds simply by entering text. This feature uses artificial intelligence to generate attractive, relevant images that match the ad content.

By enabling advertisers to test a variety of backgrounds more quickly and easily, background generation gives them greater flexibility in the creation of their ads. In short, this is one way to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Image outcropping

The image outcropping tool is another AI-based innovation introduced by Meta to improve advertiser performance on Facebook Ads. This tool greatly simplifies the adaptation of creative elements for different ad formats, such as Reels/Stories and 16:9 visuals, for example. Thanks to its advanced features, it allows you to quickly modify visual assets, adjusting them perfectly to the formats required for each format.

What’s more, this tool makes it possible to exploit the full potential of platforms by highlighting creative elements in an attractive way. Brands, designers and companies can now devote more time to conceiving their ideas and developing strategies, rather than worrying about the appropriate formatting for each format.

And best of all, there’s more! Other new AI-based functionalities can be found in Meta’s projects, including the evolution of their recent product: the Advantage+ Shopping campaign.

There are 4 progressions being tested on this type of campaign:

Easy transition to Advantage+ Shopping

Meta Advantage+ makes it easy to transition existing campaigns to Advantage+ Shopping with a single click. This new feature enables advertisers to migrate quickly and easily to the new, improved system without disrupting their current campaigns. The aim is to offer advertisers a smooth, seamless experience, while enabling them to benefit from the additional features and advantages offered by Advantage+ Shopping.

Video integration in catalog ads

Another exciting feature of Meta Advantage+ is the integration of videos into catalog ads. Whereas previously catalog ads were limited to static images, they will now be enriched with videos. This feature is currently in the test phase and will be gradually rolled out over the course of the year. Advertisers will be able to promote their products in a more dynamic and engaging way, using captivating videos in their catalog ads.

Automatic performance comparison

Meta Advantage+ is also introducing a new report that will enable advertisers to compare the effectiveness of their manual campaigns with those of Advantage+ Shopping campaigns. This report will highlight the positive impact of automation on advertising performance. Advertisers will be able to evaluate the benefits and results of Advantage+ Shopping compared to their previous campaigns. This feature provides greater visibility into the effectiveness of online advertising, enabling advertisers to adjust their strategies accordingly.

Improved performance with Advantage+ Audience

Advantage+ Audience, another feature integrated into Meta Advantage+, offers autonomous audience targeting. This means that the advertising system is able to identify and target a greater number of consumers beyond the criteria specified by the advertiser. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Advantage+ Audience optimizes ad delivery by presenting ads to potentially interested users who might not otherwise have been targeted. This enables advertisers to reach a wider audience and improve the performance of their ad campaigns. This feature has already been launched on the market, and helps to boost acquisition!

These new features introduced by Meta mark an important milestone in the application of artificial intelligence to enhance the advertising experience on social platforms. Whether you’re an experienced advertiser looking for a way to optimize your campaigns, or a company looking to exploit the full potential of social networks, these innovative updates could help you improve your online advertising strategy.

Can’t wait to try out all these new features? You’ll have to wait a little longer, as Meta says in their press release:

“Currently, we’re working with a small group of advertisers to quickly gather feedback that we can use to further improve these products. In July, we’ll begin gradually expanding access to more advertisers, and plan to add some of these features to our products later this year.”

Let’s keep all this in mind, and in the meantime, optimize your campaigns well marketers. If you need a helping hand call on a facebook ads agency 😉

Tiphaine Cognet
A graduate of ESCP with an MSc Marketing & Digital Media, Tiphaine uses her experience in sales and paid social for a portfolio of varied clients. Internationally, she takes care of e-commerce clients as well as B2B clients with expertise and attentive listening. On average, CPLs are down 32% and ROAS are constantly increasing from the first months of management on her accounts.

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