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How to build a successful TikTok Ads strategy 2024?

Master TikTok Ads strategy in 2024: From awareness to conversion. Discover a strategy that convert viewers into customers. Explore now!

Why choose TikTok Ads in 2024?

Establishing a TikTok Ads strategy in 2024 is a promising decision. Although TikTok initially suffered from a bad reputation, not least because of its predominantly young audience, the platform has evolved over time. Today, 50% of its users are aged between 20 and 40, opening up an interesting market for advertisers.

What’s more, TikTok is experiencing strong growth, with a 5-fold increase in advertising spend over the past 6 months. Its CPM is also highly competitive, being half that of Facebook, offering attractive acquisition opportunities for brands.

In France, users spend an average of 60 minutes a day on TikTok. This performance is made possible by the platform’s algorithm. The algorithm submits videos in line with each user’s interests, determined from the data provided at registration. This crucial information is used to create a target profile, and the algorithm, fed by this data, can recycle content that will appeal specifically to each user.

So, by developing a relevant advertising TikTok Ads strategy in 2024, advertisers have the opportunity to reach a wider and more diverse audience, while benefiting from a fast-growing platform and attractive acquisition potential. By understanding the algorithm and offering content tailored to the interests of their target audience, brands can maximize their impact on TikTok and achieve their marketing objectives effectively.

Determine your campaign objectives for TikTok Ads strategy

To best determine your TikTok Ads strategy, when you create a campaign, you can choose from 3 different campaign objectives:


This stage represents the top of the tunnel, where the aim is to draw attention to a product or service. The emphasis is on making the target audience aware of your offer.


This is the phase where we seek to create interaction between the target audience and your brand. This can include actions such as visiting your website, watching your video or downloading your app. The aim is to further engage prospects and move them forward in the buying process.


This is the decisive stage when we turn prospects into customers. It’s the moment when prospects make the final decision to buy your product or service, and the conversion from prospect to customer takes place.

TikTok Spark Ads – Boost the organic side of your TikTok Ads strategy

TikTok Spark Ads are a native advertising format that offers brands the possibility of creating campaigns using both posts from their TikTok accounts and organic posts from other creators, with their permission. This format enables brands to integrate user-generated content into their advertising campaigns.

Positioned between organic content and traditional ads, TikTok Spark Ads are designed to harmonize with TikTok’s style, avoiding the traditional appearance of ads. Before launching an advertising campaign, testing content with your target audience and community will help you determine its receptivity. You can measure engagement, comments and awareness using these metrics.

Then you can sponsor organic content to boost engagement, and more importantly, conversion. With Tiktok Spark Ads, content is amplified and TikTok’s algorithm targets a specific audience corresponding to your community, increasing your chances of converting more users into customers. It’s a win-win situation.

TikTok Spark Ads are linked to an organic account, either the brand’s own or that of a creator. As a result, the click-through rate (CTR) is of significant importance, as it leads to more intentional clicks to the landing page, better user engagement, and increased subscribers and brand visibility.

Advantages of Tiktok Spark Ads

TikTok Spark Ads stand out as one of the most successful ad formats, delivering better results than other ads on the platform. Here are just a few of the benefits they offer

Brand experience

Tiktok Spark Ads are organic content that plays an essential role in building brand image for businesses. They enable brands to build users’ trust in their image and values.

Increased ad performance

Campaigns using Spark Ads deliver superior overall performance. This is reflected in increased views, higher engagement rates, improved conversion rates (CRV) and lower costs per impression (CMP) than conventional ads without Spark Ads.

Innovative features

Spark Ads incorporate innovative features such as “Duet”, which allows creators to publish their video in collaboration with another creator’s, and “Stitch”, which allows two videos to be combined on TikTok. Animated stickers are also supported, offering an interactive way to present content, and viewers can click on the music in the publication for a more immersive experience.

Lasting marketing impact and improved ROI

Any engagement generated by Spark Ads is attributed to the original organic publication, which can have a positive effect on future engagement with that publication. In addition, the use of Spark Ads helps to strengthen customer loyalty and retention, as well as generating new leads and retaining existing customers.

Leverage trending content

By leveraging content already popular within your brand, Spark Ads maximize the potential for reach and interaction with your audience. This strategic approach promotes greater visibility and better reception of your message by TikTok users.

Ads On

TikTok offers another approach to helping brands engage consumers with new interactive add-ons for promotions. These modules include stickers, pop-ups and other visual elements that invite users to interact with ads.

Interactive modules for awareness campaigns include:

  • POP-OUT SHOWCASE: Maximize the visibility of key elements using moving pop-ups.
  • GESTURE: Invite users to interact with certain products.
  • SUPER LIKE 2.0: Increase engagement after a user has liked a video.
  • VOTING POLLS: Interact with users by asking for their feedback.

For conversion campaigns, here are the modules on offer:

  • DISPLAY CARD: Customize video-relevant visuals and reveal campaign information.
  • GIFT CODE STICKER SUPER: Insert a saveable promo code directly from the ad.
  • COUNTDOWN STICKER VOTING POLLS: Create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer.

The new TikTok Ads Library

The new TikTok Ads Library, launched on July 18, becomes an essential tool for your advertising strategy. This library enables any advertiser or TikTok Ads Agency to consult ads published in a given geographical area. For each ad, you’ll find :

  • The first and last display.
  • A summary of targeting by gender, age and other criteria.
  • User interactions with videos and creators.
  • Information on geographic area of distribution and number of views per unique user.
  • Advertiser identity.
TikTok Ads Library home page
TikTok Ads Library

Analyzing campaigns carried out by other agencies will provide you with data and learnings to develop your own strategy in terms of content and targeting. Compared with the Facebook library, the TikTok library offers a wealth of information specific to your market, enabling you to make informed decisions for your future advertising campaigns.

If you’ve read this article all the way through, you know how to build a succesfull TikTok Ads strategy in 2024. Its functioning is not a secret for you anymore! And if you want to go even further in mastering TikTok Ads, you can read our other articles available on our blog, which will give you plenty of tips on how to become the SEA expert!

If you’d like in-depth support for your TikTok Ads acquisition channel, you can also call on the services of a TikTok Ads Agency.

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