Pinterest Premiere Spotlight Ads : The new format

“Premiere Spotlight” is a new Pinterest Ads format that gives brands new placement on Pinterest.

This new ad format allows advertisers to secure a prime spot for 24 hours with a video promotion. This format could be a game-changer for brands looking to connect with interested consumers. It also makes it possible to promote relevant content at the top of the search page screen.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Premiere Spotlight. Particular focus will be given to how they work and the potential benefits for advertisers.

What is Premiere Spotlight?

Premiere Spotlight is a Pinterest Ads ad format that offers brands premium placement on the app’s search page for 24 hours. This advertising option features video promotions activated when the search page is visited.

When users visit the “Visit site” call-to-action (CTA), they are directed to the brand’s website. This feature makes it an effective tool for increasing traffic, generating leads and sales from Pinterest Ads.

Premiere Spotlight Pinterest
Premiere Spotlight Pinterest

This new ad unit is an important development for brands looking to promote their products and services on Pinterest. The ad placement is somewhat similar to the search that might be found in Promoted Results Instagram Ads. This new placement could enable brands to increase their visibility with Pinterest users when they are actively searching for products on the app.

What’s more, for most Pinterest users coming to the platform with purchasing intentions, Premiere Spotlight could be an excellent conversion opportunity.

Pinterest’s video shift, with Premiere Spotlights

Premiere Spotlight placements are just one of many examples of Pinterest Ads’ evolving video advertising offering. In recent years, the platform has focused on video content to drive adoption of the app. In fact, the overall video offering on the app increased by 30% in 2022.

More users coming to the platform with the intention of making purchases. That’s why it makes sense for Pinterest to rely on video content where it can. The Premiere Spotlight ad unit is an attention-grabbing option that helps brands stand out from the crowd. It’s a testament to Pinterest’s drive to innovate and offer advertisers new ways to connect with their target audience.

As the popularity of the platform continues to grow, we can expect Pinterest to continue to push the boundaries of its advertising offerings. This creates even more opportunities for advertisers to reach interested consumers and promote their in-stream content.

In addition, the evolution of Pinterest’s video ad offering, particularly Idea Pins, is driving adoption and usage. This increase in video content is also changing user behaviour on the platform, with users spending more time watching videos that present products and services in a dynamic and engaging way.

To conclude on Pinterest’s Premiere Spotlight

In conclusion, the new Premiere Spotlight ad unit is a promising addition to Pinterest’s suite of advertising options. The ability to get a prime spot on the app’s search page provide advertisers with something to drive a direct response from their target audience.

While the cost per ad unit can be prohibitive for smaller brands, it’s a clear indication of the direction Pinterest is taking with its promotional elements. As the platform continues to focus on video content and user engagement, we can expect to see even more innovative advertising options from Pinterest in the future.

For now, Premiere Spotlights are in the beta testing phase with selected partners. A wider launch will take place later in the year.

If you’ve read this article all the way through, you know about the new Pinterest Ads format, Premiere Spotlight. It’s not a secret for you anymore! And if you want to go even further in mastering Social Media Ads, you can read our other articles available on our blog. It will give you plenty of tips on how to become the SEA expert! If you need a help for your Pinterest Ads campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact a Pinterest Ads agency.

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