Reminder Ads & Promoted Results : The 2 new Instagram Ads formats

As social networks continue to evolve, Instagram is launching two new advertising options. The first, Reminder Ads, allows users to opt-in to alerts for specific events within the app. The second, Promoted Results, ads in search results. Both of these new formats help advertisers better connect with users who are actively searching for content. In this article, we will take a closer look at these new advertising options. We will also explore the impact they can have on Instagram Ads

What are Reminder Ads?

Reminder Ads are a new option on Instagram Ads that allows users to opt-in to alerts for events on Instagram. Once a user has opted in to this option via the ad’s CTA, they will receive three subsequent notifications about that event. The first reminder is sent one day before the event, the second 15 minutes before the event starts, and the last at the start of the event. The time of the event is also displayed according to the user’s time zone. This ensures that users do not miss events of interest to them.

Reminder Ads Instagram Ads

What are the benefits of Reminder Ads for advertisers ?

  • Reminder Ads contribute to anticipation and awareness of upcoming events. With an effect on engagement and participation.
  • They offer a new way to promote live events. Through live feeds, TV shows, sports events, etc., advertisers can set up campaigns to promote the event.
  • Advertisers can set up reminders for multiple posts about the same event. They do not have to add new details about the event.
  • Reminder ads can help advertisers stay top of mind for their audience. They increase brand awareness and potentially lead to more conversions.

What are the benefits of Reminder Ads for users ?

  • Users can stay informed of events that interest them and avoid missing them.
  • Users can set reminders up to three months in advance. This allows users to plan their schedule accordingly.
  • Reminder ads are a convenient way for users to keep track of events in the application, eliminating the need to use other applications or reminder tools.

What is the purpose of using Reminder Ads ?

Brands can use reminder ads to promote their live events, build anticipation and encourage engagement. Among the various applications of Reminder Ads are these:

  • TV shows and movies: A TV station or movie studio can use reminder ads to promote the premiere of a new show or movie, allowing users to set reminders and tune in at the right time.
  • Sports events: A sports team or league can use reminder ads to promote an upcoming game or match, encouraging fans to tune in and watch live.
  • In-app events: A brand or influencer can use reminder ads to promote an in-app event, such as a live stream or Q&A session, and encourage users to participate.
  • Sales and promotions: A retailer can use reminder ads to promote a special sale or promotion, allowing users to set reminders and take advantage of the offer before it expires.

Overall, Reminder Ads can be a useful tool for any brand or person looking to promote an event or offer on Instagram. They offer a convenient way for users to stay informed and engaged with the app.

What are Promoted Results?

Promoted Results is a new advertising option that allows advertisers to engage with users based on contextual keywords. Much like Search with Google Ads, when a user searches for a specific term or phrase on Instagram, they will be presented with a feed of posts that match their query. Promoted Results will appear in this feed as sponsored content relevant to the user’s search.

This new location gives advertisers another way to draw users’ attention to their promotions when they are searching for specific content. This is one of the factors that can influence the CPM leading to higher engagement and conversions.

What are the benefits of Promoted Results?

Compared to the ads in Explore, which appear in the user’s News Feed as they scroll through suggested content, Promoted Results offer a more targeted approach. Users are more likely to be interested in relevant ads, since it is based on their search intent. Advertisers therefore have the opportunity to capture users’ attention at a time when they are most receptive to their message.

What are the benefits of Promoted Results for advertisers?

  • Increased visibility: Promoted Results allow advertisers to place their content in front of users who are actively searching for related content. They can therefore take advantage of this to increase the visibility of their brand or product.
  • More targeted approach: Compared to other advertising options on Instagram, Promoted Results are more targeted because they are based on contextual keywords. This means that advertisers can reach users who are more likely to be interested in their products or services.
  • Higher engagement: Users who search for specific keywords or phrases are likely to be more engaged with relevant ads that appear in their search results. This can lead to higher engagement rates and potentially better conversion rates for advertisers.
  • Better return on investment: With the ability to target users more specifically and potentially achieve higher engagement and conversion rates, advertisers can see a better return on investment with Promoted Results.

Reminder ads allow users to opt-in to alerts about specific events in the app. They offer advertisers a way to better promote their live events and encourage engagement. Promoted Results offer a more targeted approach for advertisers as they are based on user intent. They allow for higher engagement and better conversion rates. These new advertising options can have a real effect on your Facebook ROAS by offering increased visibility, more targeted ads, higher engagement and better returns on investment for brands advertising on Instagram Ads.

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