9 pilliers créatifs TikTok Ads

9 TikTok Ad creative pillars to make your ads unmissable

Find out 9 TikTok Ad creative pillars and how to convert TikTok users into buyers of your brand with our practical guide. Get started now!

TikTok’s popularity as a social platform has made it ideal for businesses to engage with their audience and boost brand visibility. With over 689 million active users worldwide, TikTok represents a broad spectrum of users. TikTok is growing in popularity, and includes demographic groups older and older than 18-24. Historically, TikTok Ad creative strategies have worked very well for e-commerce. This latest demographic shift among the platform’s users gives it the opportunity to prove itself as a lead generation platform!

To help you prove yourself with TikTok Ads, in e-commerce or lead generation, we detail in this article the 9 essential TikTok Ad creative pillars to boost your performance. Happy reading! 😉

1. Harness the power of sound

The first TikTok Ad creative pillar is about harnessing the of sound. Unlike other platforms, TikTok puts a premium on video sound for its content. When creating your TikTok ads, the importance of the sounds used in the videos (music, effects, voice) is important. In fact, when you use the application, sound is on by default (unlike other platforms). This is an important creative pillar for the adoption of your ads by TikTok users.

2. Work on a good hook

Ads on TikTok Ads are skippable. This means that the first moments of your video must be as captivating as possible. A good hook will hold your audience’s attention. What’s more, it can then be converted into buyers for your brand. So you see, no hook, no purchase.

3. Let the TikTok creators take the lead

TikTok creators know their audience best. They’re in the best position to provide their audience with content that matches your objectives and delivers the best performance. It’s a double benefit, as it allows creators to express their full creativity, and connects you to the audience you want to reach.

4. Be authentic

It’s a bit clichéd, but it’s true that the best TikTok Ads performances come from ads that don’t look like it. And yes, authenticity is paramount on TikTok. For your TikTok Ads, don’t hesitate to be as authentic as possible. Content that works best is content that closely resembles the organic content pushed by the platform. Calling on the platform’s creators and offering organic content are two points that make your TikTok Ads creatives unmissable.

5. Surf the latest trends

Surfing on the latest TikTok trends is a good way to maximize engagement around your ads. Identifying the challenges of the moment on TikTok and proposing ads that match them is an effective way of engaging users. But be sure to take up the 4 points above for guaranteed success!

6. Shoot natively for TikTok

Once again, it’s very important to maintain the authenticity of your ads. And there’s no secret to this: shooting your ads natively allows you to have a format that best matches the platform, and therefore improves performance. Unlike other platforms, the video format is unique to the platform. Out with static, in with video. 🎬

7. Break the 4th wall

A little technique straight out of the movies: breaking the fourth wall. On TikTok breaking the fourth wall is a technique that works well because it allows you to engage users as fully as possible with the content creator and therefore with your brand. It’s the same principle that makes Michael Scott so successful with fans of The Office. 😉

8. Overlay concise, informative text

Overlaying clear, concise and informative text helps to support the point made in your video. As well as having audio input, this also ensures that the most important information to remember is included in the video in written format. Some people retain written text better than audio, so there’s something for everyone!

9. Position a clear CTA in the video

Now that you’ve integrated all these tips, you’re almost ready to launch TikTok Ads. But there’s one last point that’s essential if you want your TikTok Ads to perform, and that’s to have TikTok Ads that convert. And to convert, a clear CTA must appear in the video to give users the incentive to convert into buyers of your brand.

To optimize your performance on TikTok Ads, the visual aspect is essential. Good creative and eye-catching hooks will make your advertising a success. You can find different examples of good practices in TikTok Ads Library. For this, you can surround yourself with expert content creators, or with a TikTok Ads Agency that will help you determine the best TikTok Ads strategy for achieving your objectives.

Vincent Chevalier Levy

Vincent Chevalier Levy

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